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book cover CUSTOMER SERVICE call center HOTSHOTS
Release date: July 09, 2017

“Did you know, that before they even begin a call, Customer Service Hotshots already know how the call is going to end?  

Seriously. I’m not kidding.  

Before they even begin dealing with a customer, these seasoned Hotshots, already know the steps they are going to take and where it is all going to end.  

They have been around the block so many times, that they have wised up to the fact, that there are only three satisfactory outcomes they can offer a customer …
          1.     Instant Gratification
          2.     an Acceptable Alternative to instant gratification … or
          3.     a Valid Explanation of why instant gratification is no longer an option  

I call it the IG-AA-VE strategy, pronounced “I gave”, no pun intended.  

Think about it for a moment ...”

                                WITHIN THESE PAGES YOU WILL FIND …  
Informal talks offering a wealth of practical guidance, inspiration and understanding on how to use the powers you have within you.             

Clues on what it takes to perform in a level-headed manner in the face of your job’s seeming contradictions.             

An indispensable guide for equipping yourself with the tools you need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
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author WdLL
WdLL has worked in corporate frontlines - in various countries and in various capacities - for over 20 years.